Justice for Johnny Gosch
America's Human Trafficking Tragedy

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Updated 12/30/13

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John "Johnny" David Gosch was kidnapped on Sunday, September 5, 1982, when he was 12 years old. This crime happened only 2 blocks from his West Des Moines, Iowa, home while he was delivering newspapers for The Des Moines Register.

Johnny's kidnapping was not a random event. He was photographed weeks before this planned out crime. Immediately after Johnny's early morning kidnapping, he was taken to a farm in Sioux City, Iowa, owned by Charles A. Kerr where Johnny was drugged, molested, and photographed for a 2 week period. For the sum of $35,000, Lt. Col. Michael Aquino purchased Johnny for the purposes of child prostitution and child pornography. Aquino has connections to the CIA's mind control program and was a military intelligence officer for the U.S. Army.

There are several eyewitnesses to the crimes against Johnny, but no one has ever been brought to justice. No suspects have ever been questioned by any law enforcement agency. Johnny's kidnapping was featured on the America's Most Wanted television series in November 1992. The FBI attempted to get John Walsh to "kill the Gosch story," so it would never be broadcast. Walsh did not bend under this pressure and proceeded with a 4-part series on Johnny's case.

Through decades of investigation by The Johnny Gosch Foundation, it appears that Johnny was kidnapped into an international pedophile ring with connections to high ranking government officials and powerful businessmen. In August 2006, Noreen, Johnny's mother, began receiving several photographs of Johnny taken soon after his kidnapping. Below is just one of those shocking photos.

There have been 3 books about Johnny's case and the underlying scandal:
Perhaps one day, Johnny will have justice for the horrendous crimes that were inflicted upon him and many other child victims. Until then, inform your friends and loved ones about the facts and get the media to cover more of what is truly going on with this crime of the century.

Although, Noreen is no longer looking for Johnny, the investigation continues.

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